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Dalton Kellet

Dalton KellettDalton KellettBirthday: August 19. 1993

Resident: Stouffville, Ontario

School: Queens University 1st Year

Height: 5’11 Weight: 160

Year Started Racing: 2008

It takes determination, a strong passion and much sacrifice to become a professional race car driver. Dalton Kellett is the complete package which is why he is considered to be one of the top up and coming talents in the Canadian Motorsport industry. Dalton was born in 1993, in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Dalton started racing at the age of 14, which some would consider late in the racing world. But over the past four years Daltons has excelled quickly and successfully through the karting ranks in North America. Dalton’s determination and passion for the sport has driven him to balance a demandingschool schedule with a busy racing schedule. A task which, some say, is next to impossible.

2008 was Dalton’s inaugural year in racing. He competed at Toronto Kart Club in the Junior Heavy Class. Dalton ended off his first racing season fifth in the points championship with four podiums and was awarded the Toronto Kart Club Rookie of the Year award. In 2009, Dalton ran in both the Rotax Junior class and the Junior Heavy category.  He competed in the TRAK (Toronto Racing Association of Karters) Championship and in the Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship. Dalton and his driving coach Darryl Timmers, made great progress throughout the 2009 season with Dalton’s driving performance and personal development. These improvements lead him to win the final two rounds of the TRAK championship in both  classes in which he was competing. Dalton ended  the season second in points, in both the Rotax Junior and Junior Heavy championships. Throughout the season he acquired a total of ten podiums. For his outstanding performance in the 2009 season, Dalton was awarded the USF2000 Anderson Racing Test Award.

In 2010, Dalton made his jump into the senior ranks. He competed in the Eastern Canada Karting Championship and the Florida Winter tour, both of which boast an international level of competition. Dalton took to the senior ranks with great success for his first year. Dalton won the third round of the ECKC championship at Mont. Tremblant and came second at the Canadian Nationals in the Honda Senior class. He was also awarded the Jim Russell Driving Scholarship, which consisted of a driving 3-day Driving school, at Circuit Mont. Tremblant. In the Rotax Max Senior category, Dalton was ranked in the top twenty in Canada. 2011 was a big year in Dalton’s Career. He began to race in the Rotax DD2 category, which introduced the concepts of shifting and front brakes, while continuing to race in the Rotax Max Senior category. Competing in both classes forced Dalton to adapt to the specific challenges of each vehicle, a skill which will prove invaluable as he progresses throughout his driving career. Dalton again competed in the Florida Winter Tour, while he took part in the Western Karting Championship for the first time. With over thirty countries represent at the Florida Winter Tour, Dalton was faced with stiff competition. However, Dalton proved that he was able to be competitive, even under pressure, and held his own against some of the best drivers from across world. He was able to top off his Winter season with success, by winning the final round in the DD2 category, in Ocala, Florida. In the Western Canadian Championships, Dalton finished 2nd, in points in the Rotax Max Senior category, with 3 podiums, and 2nd in the Rotax DD2 category, with 2 wins and three podiums. Following the success of his 2011 season, Dalton was ranked 12th in Canada, in’s official rankings.

Dalton also made his transition to cars in the 2011 season, with the BGR Team Grote racing team. Dalton is looking forward to racing with the team and progressing as a driver. Dalton will be working with his driving coach Darryl Timmers as he makes his transition to cars. Dalton is a graduate from the Toronto French School, a bilingual International Baccalaureate school. He graduated as an Ontario scholar and recipient of the John Tory award for academic excellence. He is fluent in both French and English and also speaks some German. Dalton will be attending Queen’s University for Engineering in the fall of 2011. In Dalton’s spare time he enjoys white-water kayaking, mountain biking, hanging out with friends and the most importantly spending time with his family

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