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Conor Daly

Born: 1992
Hometown: Noblesville, Indiana

The son of former Formula One/IndyCar driver turned tv commentator Derek Daly, Conor first got behind the wheel of a kart at the age of 10. Finding success immediately, he quickly progressed from local club competition to regional and national racing. In 2004, he captured his first major trophy, winning the Indiana State Championship in the Yamaha class.

The following year, Daly won the Spec TAG class at the TAG world Championships and was named the Kart Racers of America Junior Driver of the Year, having won the Junior Yamaha Championship. Remaining in karts, he won the World Karting Association Kartlift Nationals in the Yamaha class, TAG senior class in Round 10 of the Super Karts USA Pro Tour, Senior Pro Race at the TAG World Championships, and WKA Grand National Championship in the Yamaha class in 2006.

In 2007, Daly began racing cars in addition to racing karts at national and international level. In addition to winning the Stars of Karting East TAG Championship title, Daly won his debut race in Skip Barber Race Series and finished on the podium in his first-ever Ontario Formula Ford Challenge event. In 2008, Daly competed in both the Ontario Formula Ford Challenge and Skip Barber National series with great success.

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