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JC Cote

JC Cote joins the BGR Team Grote for the 2011 GPF1 weekend at the world renowned Circiut Gilles Villeneuve.

As a teen, he got involved in track and field and became a Laval City champ, a multiple medalist at provincial and national championships, and ultimately won CIAU 1st team All-Canadian status.

With personal heroes like Gilles Villeneuve, auto racing emerged once JC entered his twenties, when he began frequenting local karting tracks and 'arrive and drive' events (surprising regulars by driving laps around his competition).

As with many drivers, karting honed JC's skills and cemented his love of racing. In 2006. Together, JC and Jacques Villeneuve co-founded a simulator-based racing league, involving amateur and professional drivers utilizing simulation software. As more and more pro drivers joined this league, further driving opportunities opened up for JC, including Formula Renault in France where he again surprised very experienced drivers by finishing 8th out of 29 in his first weekend and 3rd out of 30 drivers in only his second.

In the summer of 2009, JC met touring car driver, Jacques Gravel, who offered both his car and his place in the Canadian Touring Car Championship. JC went on to race in the CTCC again in 2010, as well as in Formula cars at the Canadian Grand Prix on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, where he placed 16th of 40+ cars despite never having driven on that circuit or that type of vehicle. JC is currently preparing for the 2011 season.

For more information, check out JC's website at .

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