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Canada's Premier Formula 1600 Team

BGR provides a systematic approach and unique opportunity to prepare a driver to become a professional race car driver. Within our structured system, a driver progresses through each of our Formula 1600 and USF2000 pro programs allowing them to build the skills required move up to the highest level of racing.  Through experience behind the scenes and behind the wheel, our drivers gain the proper understanding and knowledge of racing and motorsports sponsorship and marketing to position themselves for competition at the highest levels. 


BGR - F1600Formula 1600 (OFFC)

Introduction of higher horsepower to weight ratio cars on high speed road courses.
  • Advanced training in drafting, carrying momentum, and optimizing the racing line
  • Introduction of more sophisticated suspension systems and chassis
  • The next level of formula car theory, strategy, and tactics
  • More complex Data Systems analysis and interpretation
  • Introduction of collaborating with Race Engineers to understand cause and effect of set-up